Bittersweet Day

Well, we had to put our pet kitty to sleep this Wednesday. He was young, wonderful, and my oldest daughter’s buddy. The poor little thing had gotten into poison somewhere, or eaten a rodent that had been poisoned and his liver was failing. It all happened very quickly and while my daughter was on a trip. So the poor girl came back to bad news and she cried all the way home, she loved this kitty.

In the afternoon of the same day, just hours before I was bracing myself to tell Lil that her Figgy had died, my younger daughter walked up to the car after school and showed me the kittens that her and a friend found on the school grounds. Abandoned and too young to fend for themselves. We went back to where they found the kittens, trying to find the mother, or any sign of her or more cats, but we found nothing. The school is under construction and it looks like someone may have come across the kittens and moved them out of harm’s way, but too far for the mother to find them. So we took them home, with a quick stop at the pet store for some formula and a tiny bottle. This daughter lost her cat to illness a few months ago and has been longing for a kitten of her own since then.

It was a difficult time, mourning the grief in one daughter, while being excited for my other daughter. This parenting thing is tricky.

Meet Cholula and Sergeant Pepper, the latest additions to this Madhouse:

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  1. Catherine,

    A tragic loss followed by a little blessing… or two! I’m so sorry for your daughters loss, I’ve lost a beloved young friend also and it is heartbreaking but it does pass… hopefully the new kitties give her loads of kisses and cuddles to cheer her up. 😉 xo PS great pics as always. Cath

  2. heidi,

    how well I know about losing cats,and gaining kittens(that is why I now have 12,yep,used to be 13 until I had to put my eldest(18) to sleep a few mos. ago…I too have nursed 4 out of 12 with a syringe at just weeks old-they are the most affectionate and amazing animals I have ever known! The deepest love in the world comes from those cats,so I am happy your new babies have a new mommy,or 2,3? wishing you and your kids lots of love!

  3. Jennifer Mueller,

    Aw! I know how hard it is to have to put a pet down. We had to take our dog in this past Friday, and my kids were/are devastated. My heart goes out to your girls.

    On the other side, congratulations on your two new additions to your family. I am sure they will be loved. And kudos to your daughter for wanting to take care of the kittens she found.

  4. Bobbi,

    I am so sorry about the kitty. My 20 year old kitty died in my arms back in January and it is still hard. It never gets easier no matter what age they are.

    So glad for your new addition though.

    1. Comment author madme,

      I am sorry to hear about your loss as well. It is always difficult to go through, and each pet is missed. Thank you.

  5. sandyb,

    What a wonderful story of sadness and love. Those kittens are so cute. I am awaiting the day so we can get out little kitten. Out elderly dog of 15 will soon not be with us (I am going to have to make that terrible decision when to make the last trip with her) but she is still doing okay and actually better after the addition of a wonderful herbal and vitamin supplement. Well anyway – I am so very glad that these little kitties came along to mend broken hearts.

    Have fun with your new babies. My daughter got her little boy – now 4 – when a contractor found him and his siblings and momma in a box in a basement left in a house to fend for themselves and now he has the best home ever.

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you Sandy, it is so hard to have pets ‘go’ before their time. Perhaps your sweet dog will go naturally and you will not have to make any hard decisions, I always hope this for my pets, long happy lives and quick peaceful ends. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Karen,

    OMG!! I’m so sorry about your poor kitty; I, until very recently, have always had cats. They give so much and Figgy (wonderful name)will be hugely missed. At the same time, I have to admit to letting out an involuntary whimper when I saw the pictures of the gorgeous kittens. They are lucky to have you…
    best wishes

    1. Comment author madme,

      Thank you Karen, my mom says these kittens “fell into a pot of jam” when they landed in our house. They are very much loved, and Figgy is very much missed.

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