Being New Here...

Being new here, I cannot identify most of what I’m looking at. Being new here, it’s all so fascinating that I take pictures now, hoping to understand what I’ve captured later. Enjoy!

This is the swing at a friend’s house here in TN. The trees here are old and barns here are older. You can see part of a barn that’s about 200 years old in the background.

This is a weed. Yes, a weed (thistle). It is the most beautiful flower I have seen in TN so far. Gold star Tennessee!

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  1. Comment author madme,

    Thank you so much Kim, my camera is my buddy. She and I see things our own way. If you ever want to share some pics on the FB page, feel free, we’d love to see what you are capturing.

  2. Jonna,

    Fasinating! So beautiful and inspiring. Amazed by your creative eye.

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