Fresh Water Anyone? (Agua Fresca)

Have you ever been to Tijuana or Rosarito just for the tacos and aguas frescas? I have. That’s how good they are. Spicy tacos with fresh pico de gallo and grilled jalepeños, crunchy radishes and slices of juicy lime.  And to cool your mouth off, and refresh from walking around in the sun, a big glass of fresh fruit water, or agua fresca. NEVER has water tasted so good, been so refreshing or needed a recipe.  But that what we are doing here, a recipe for water.

Use whatever fruit you have on hand, or buy your favorites. Of course, citrus works great in all of them and the watermelon is a very popular addition. Lime, watermelon and mint is a very traditional recipe since all three ingredients are wonderful together and can be found in abundance in the same Summer season. Sometimes sweetened with sugar, but it really depends on the sweetness of the fruit and the opinion of the maker.

This recipe just happens to be made with what we had in our house at the moment. I love tangerines and strawberries and sometimes I get a bit zealous and buy so much I couldn’t possibly eat it all, so this is a fun way to use my overflow.

Aguas Frescas, Strawberry Tangerine

Makes 1/2 gallon with ice.
2 Cups of fruit (In this case: 4 tangerines,1 Lemon,1 Cup Stawberries)
1/8  Cup Honey
1 Pinch of salt

Drop your fruit into the container, and muddle it (crush it lightly). Add your sweetener (optional) and salt. Fill the container with ice cubes, poor water over ice and fruit to fill. Lid it, shake it, set it in the fridge or just let it sit, for 20 minutes at least, then drink. Traditionally the fruit is not filtered off when poured but hey, it’s your cup, do what you see fit.

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