When the pattern was done, it had thirteen rounds. Some remnant of childhood superstition welled up inside me and caused a mild panic. Should I add more rounds? Frog the last one out? Honestly Charissa, grow up, you are not even superstitious!!

So there you have it, the birth of name to combat that silly superstitious inner kid that sometimes still avoids stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.

I made a version of this in solid colors but decided to go with some multi colored squares to show the rounds better and make the pattern easier to follow. And WOW! What a difference the color changes make. I still need to make one with some color changing yarn to get some effect without the need to weave so many ends. But with a result like this, it’s difficult to be too bothered by weaving the ends.

The pattern can be found in my Ravelry shop.

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