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Hello Madlandians! You already know that I’m big into supporting handmakers, promoting other indie owned creative businesses and all around think handmade and homemade are the BEST gifts on the planet. So it might not surprise you that when it was my turn to come up with a fundraiser for the tuition costs for some Classical education students, I chose a venue that promotes handmade products and bizs!

You can read more about it on the Auction for Classical Education site, but here is a sneak peek of some of the items included. All proceeds go straight into the tuition of students who need financial help, no one is making money from this but the kids and all items have been generously donated by artisans and crafters across the nation. Awesomesauce!

The purses were donated by Bug Wink, the pink hook was donated by Sick ‘Lil Monkeys and of course, the last hook is from me. There are TONS more items on the site and more going up daily. Please stop by and visit, do a little guilt free shopping while you’re there and enjoy the handmade magic.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor in our auction, and in turn receive the benefits of promotion on the Mad Mad me social media network, please apply here, we’d love you have you! 


I generally really work on being upbeat and encouraging. But I’m a combination of the Hulk and Eeyore on the inside, and anyone that knows me, knows this to be true. I love happy, bright, decent folks. I really do, so I work at being that way in person, online and on this blog right here. But truth be told, I’m a bit bewildered inside.

Mondays. Mondays. Mondays.

I just don’t get them. It seems that no matter how they start, by the end of them, they just stink like a 10 day old diaper. So I’m not doing them anymore. I quit. I’m banning Mondays. NOT only am I not going to participate in them as they happen, I’m going to banish Monday as a mood from my innards. That’s right, Monday is now myth on the inside and the out. (I’ll let you know how this goes).

But today is Tuesday! Thank God that no day lasts forever. And I want to report how 2016 The Year of the WIP is going.

I think I’m not as far along as I’d like to be but I am actually finishing up some things right now, one of them is a huge project I’m making with 19mm hook and using 5-6 strands of yarn at a time (depending on the weight of the yarn). It’s got the yummiest squishy texture and it’s taking about 50 skeins to finish so it’s been the best stash buster I’ve ever done. Each single crochet stitch measures 1 inch by 1 inch, so it’s going really quickly.  Here is the hook compared to the 4mm hook I used all the time.


Look at the size of this hook! I have had it for over a year now and just not picked it up because I was waiting for the inspiration. Well, it came (as inspiration often does) from left field. I was looking at my yarn stash, much of which was given to me over the years, and I saw a heavy buildup of darker colors, and odd whites that were not very soft on their own. I hoarded them all off the shelves, combined them in different ways and started in. It took me a little bit of time to figure out just how many strands to use at once, to achieve a good solid soft fabric but once I got that sorted, it zipped along nicely

Giant Crochet Stitches

These are the three panels I’ve done so far. As you can see, very scrappy. Even the white and cream panel is done with 6 different skeins and none of them match in texture, weight, or color. The fourth panel I’m still figuring out, I think it will be a mix of whites and colors.



Ugly Slipper Pattern FREE!

Everyone needs them, everyone wants them: A pair of homemade, handmade ugly slippers. Thank you to Sonya Blackstone Designs for another wonderful opportunity to create for her Charity Crochet Drive. Several designers are working together to create free patterns for the specific purposes of coming together to make and gift handmade items to folks in need. So go ahead, make up bunches of mittens and slippers and pass them out to communities near you that could use a touch of squishy love.

Crochet Pattern Ugly Slippers


Download PDF

You can also click on the PDF to view the file larger for easier crocheting!


Crochet Pattern Ugly Slippers

Crochet Pattern Ugly Slippers

  • madme - March 8, 2016 - 1:00 pm

    Great! I’d love to see your slippers when you are done. Feel free to share them on my Facebook page:

  • angela - March 8, 2016 - 12:42 pm

    thanks i look forward to share you pattern with my family.

  • Crochet Slipper Drive - Whistle and Ivy - March 5, 2016 - 11:26 am

    […] 1. Mod Mismatched Slippers – Blackstone Designs 2. Ugly Slippers – Mad Mad Me […]

Crochet Therapy
Hello! I’m so glad to be able to share something pretty with you today. To be honest, the last few days I’ve been feeling pretty blah, and unmotivated. As a matter of fact, last night, I was so grumpy my husband put me to bed, offered me crochet and chocolate and things started to look up from there. He’s a sweet guy, and never gets bossy with me, so I thought it was pretty funny and he knew that I needed some crochet therapy.

I guess he’s some sort of genius because once I started making these little cuties I couldn’t’ stop and immediately felt better about my day. I’ve pulled a bunch of yarn for these and I’m going to make up about 60 of them so I can made about three garlands. I know I’ll want to keep one myself and I have two friends in mind for the others.

Below you will also see the childish drawings of what goes on in my brain, yes, it’s a monster circus in here. Feel free to join me anytime. I’m going to be adding more animals to the Mad Menagerie pattern but I just don’t know which one to add first. And below that, you will find instructions on how to make the crochet therapy fans. Like the name?

Crochet Therapy

I am absolutely not a fine artist. I think of drawing as a way to put an idea on file, so this is very brave of me to show you but I am having fun with the Mad Menagerie pattern and as I add animals to it, I have plans to add a couple of “monsters” too. Make believe animals are by far my favorite kind.

Crochet Therapy

Crochet Therapy Fan Instructions

I used a 4mm hook for these, and Sheepish yarn from Vickie Howell. I suggest using a smaller hook size than the yarn recommends so your fans are not large and loose, for more compact and defined stitches I went a full 1.5mm smaller than the recommended hook size for this yarn according to the label.

Row 1- Start with an adjustable ring, pull up a loop, chain3, 2Dc into ring + ch2 + 3Dc into ring. Pull ring closed but not too tightly! (You need to insert your hook into there later).

Row 2- Chain 2, turn, 1Dc in next two stitches, 5Dc into ch2 space, 1Dc into next three stitches, ending in top of chain 3 from previous Row.

Row 3- Chain 2, turn, [2Dc into next stitch, 1Dc in next stitch] 2 times, 3Dc in next stitch, [2Dc into next stitch + 1Dc in next stitch] 3 times, ending in top of ch2 from previous Row.

Row 4- Chain 3, turn, [1Dc + ch1 in next stitch]  15 times. 1Dc into top of ch2 from previous Row

Row 5- Chain 2, turn, [1Dc + ch1 into ch1 stitch space] 16 times, sc into top of ch3 from previous Row

Row 6- Chain 2, turn, [sc into next space (the space between the posts), picot (I used a 3 chain picot), sc in top of next stitch] 16 times

Flat Edge- With flat edge facing up, you will now work along that edge to give is a nice finish and to give yourself a nice neat row or stitches for attaching them to whatever it is that you are making. Chain 1, sc around post of first stitch along the edge, ch1, sc around post of next stitch along the edge, continue across, when you get to the center, sc into the adjustable ring. It will follow this pattern: [ch1 + sc around post] 5 times, ch1 + sc into ring, [ch1 + sc around post] 5 times, ch1, join to first stitch in Row, finish off. (This is a great place to use the Invisible Finish).

Below are some helping photos:

Crochet TherapyCrochet TherapyCrochet TherapyCrochet TherapyCrochet Therapy
Crochet TherapyCrochet TherapyCrochet TherapyCrochet TherapyI’ll be showing how I string them together in a following post, I just need to make a lot more first! Enjoy!

(The yarn here is Sheepish from Vickie Howell but I will be making them with Red Heart Unforgettable as well since I really enjoy variegated yarn).




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Nearing 1000 Etsy sales, and closer to 1500 clay covered crochet hooks has got me itching to create some different types of products, and not just for folks making crochet but for anyone that enjoys wearing yarnish garments. (I’m currently switching away from using Etsy and will be selling my own items right here on my site!).

Recently I’ve gotten into making buttons and shawl pins and I’m having quite a good time. It’s been different creating item that have such a small field and in completely different orientations than the round handles of the hooks.

As long as the coffee flows and the cookie wagon keeps coming, who knows what new exports from Madlandia await?

Here’s what I’ve got going so far…

Polymer Clay Shawl Pins
Polymer Clay Shawl Pins
Polymer Clay Shawl Pins
Polymer Clay Shawl Pins
Polymer Clay Shawl Pins


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